Abandoned Dog Program

Together we can save them.

Every day, dogs that once knew the love and comfort of family life, dogs that had lived their lives chained in a yard, even dogs that were solely used for breeding and dogs that never knew kindness, are all suddenly thrust into a strange new place where everything that was familiar to them is gone—forever.  Puppies from unwanted litters or that couldn’t be sold, too young to survive on their own, and older dogs who have become a burden because of their health needs or because they are replaced with a younger dog, tossed out along roadsides or in fields. No matter how different their previous lives were like, these dogs are all are now in the same situation—trying to survive.

Injured dogs are given care

For dogs healthy enough to remain in areas where there is less danger, we provide food and water and check on them daily, while we work to get them out of abandonment and on their way to forever homes.  We would love to scoop all of them up, but when there are hundreds there is no way. We can do the next best thing and make sure their bellies are full, their thirst is quenched, and that they receive positive interaction from our volunteers, while we network them to rescues and work to expedite them from abandonment.   

The dogs know where their feeding stations are located and often greet the volunteers. This enables us to keep a count on the number of dogs coming in, if there are issues with new dogs, females in estrus, or if a dog doesn’t show up for a day or two, we know to start looking because the dog could be injured nearby.  

For dogs that have the most urgent needs: senior dogs, sick and injured dogs, puppies, and dogs that are in extreme danger, we get them to safety in a quality boarding facility—or foster homes, when available. All dogs receive the best veterinarian care including vaccinations, treatments, spay/neuter and life-saving surgeries, when needed. And for dogs that may require a little extra help, behavioral training.

Donations to the Abandoned Dog Program saves lives. It provides the much-needed funds to help and save dogs whose only fault was once having a human who didn’t care and threw them out to die.

Together we can save them. Together we can make the world a kinder place for abandoned dogs. Together we can give them a new life.

Abandoned dogs are fed by volunteers

Donate to change the lives of abandoned dogs.

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