Outdoor Cat Program

We are not a cat rescue.

But in our daily quest to fulfill our mission to care for, rescue and find placement for abandoned dogs, we regularly come across cats who have either been mercilessly abandoned or have been born in the wild (feral). Whether once someone’s pet or a feral cat, these felines are another sad reality of unwanted companion animals, and while our primary focus is on helping abandoned dogs, we can’t turn a blind eye to the suffering of these innocent cats. To help these forgotten, ignored and often unseen cats, we provide them with food and water, and work with cat-specific organizations for TNR (Trap-neuter-release) programs to help stop overpopulation of cats and to get the friendly, more human-social cats into rescue and homes, and the feral cats with colonies and feeders.

Outdoor Cats being fed

Unwanted cats deserve a little comfort from all of us. Will you help provide it?

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