Redland Rock Pit Abandoned Dogs Project

About Us

Redland Rock Pit Abandoned Dogs Project, Inc. was founded in 2015 by ­­women with a single common bond—a love of dogs. The group initially came together after learning about an abandoned dog being kept in a wire cage at what is now known as the Rock Pit. This incident brought awareness to the sheer number and plight of abandoned dogs and their struggles to survive. Redland Rock Pit Abandoned Dogs Project, Inc. was formed with the premise and intent of getting abandoned dogs removed from abandonment, adopted and into rescues, keeping them fed, watered, and not forgotten, and immediately removing the most vulnerable from abandonment to prevent them from meeting a tragic demise.


Why We Need Your Help

South Florida is a dumping ground for unwanted dogs. This illegal activity goes unchecked and unpunished by law enforcement, so in the agricultural rich areas of South Miami-Dade County, which borders the Everglades and is known for beautiful greenery and wildlife scenery, it is a very ugly place for unwanted dogs.

Pet owners drive to a secluded area, open the car door, throw out their unwanted dog and drive off, leaving the confused and disoriented pet to face the horrors of abandonment.

Many of these loyal and loving dogs will run after the car, in an attempt to catch their owner’s vehicle, until they become exhausted and can’t run any further. Some will stay in the area for days, sometimes weeks, waiting in vain for their owner to return, while others wander—trying to find their way home or just in sheer confusion.

These are domesticated pets, used to living in a home. They do not know what to do in the unfamiliar surroundings they are now in.

The dogs that aren’t killed by traffic face starvation, being poisoned, injured or shot by local workers and residents who feel they don’t belong in their neighborhood.  Dogs that find their way and remain in the truckyards and on farms seeking what has been ripped from them—human companionship—become ravaged by mosquitos, parasites, and disease, and most will eventually succumb to death unless rescued. Unaltered females and males continue to produce puppies, adding more innocent lives to fight for survival in this harsh world. Food is often not provided, forcing these dogs to search for something to eat and increasing the threat to their lives.


What We Do

Our project has evolved to epic proportions and includes many dedicated volunteers who feed and water abandoned dogs daily and watch for dogs who are injured, sick or in life-threatening situations for immediate removal from abandonment. We search for reputable organizations to take abandoned dogs to get them safely into rescue and eventually adopted into loving forever homes. We provide emergency vet care for injured and sick dogs. Rescued dogs are all vet-checked, vaccinated and spayed/neutered and go to foster care or boarding until they go to a reputable organization or are adopted.

In addition, our goals are to:

1. Reduce the amount of time dogs are subjected to the dangers of abandonment.

2. Bring awareness to the abandoned and roaming dogs in Miami-Dade County Florida.

3. Educate on the care of animals, promote spay and neuter, and provide free or discounted clinics to help reduce the pet population and ultimately its impact on abandonment.

Our Board of Directors

Cheryl Jackson - Co-Founder, President

Cheryl Jackson


Yleana Escobar - Co-Founder, Treasurer

Yleana Escobar


Leigh Settlemyer - Correspondence Secretary

Leigh Settlemyer

Board Member

Cheryl Jackson - Co-Founder, President

Silvia Coello

Board Member

Yleana Escobar - Co-Founder, Treasurer

Aleida Hernandez

Board Member

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