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Success Stories
From lost to loved

Captain Jack

Captain Jack is living happily ever after!

Captain Jack was abandoned in South Florida.

Starving and neglected before rescue.

Captain Jack and friend in costumes

Why do we rescue? Captain Jack is one of the reasons why we continue our mission.

Captain Jack was found at the rock pit in very poor condition and in dire need of medical care. He was transported to our vet right away and he dealt with medical issues for quite some time

Julius and Kate met this lovely boy and they offered to foster him. They fell in love with this handsome boy after they met him. Captain Jack is perfection and he was enjoying spending time with his foster family. After a few months, he became a foster fail…and an adoption success!

He is definitely part of the family. He even attended his parents’ wedding. He enjoys long walks, being loved on and he is delighted to have a FANTASTIC furever family.

WE Called them Ghost dogs


Before, terrified of humans.

After rescue, safe and warm.

I remember the first time Claudia and I saw you in 2015 one evening at Ghost Dog area at night.

It was pitch black. Claudia flashed the light and you were surprised to see us as we were you and you ran away. You were as beautiful then as you are now.

You see we called them Ghost Dogs because they were petrified of humans. They would come out and eat only when we left so when we began to catch sight of them, we realized they were beautiful babies that we would never leave behind. Janet Judge started feeding and then you started showing your faces and coming out to bark at us.  Too afraid to be touched by any of us. That was okay because we needed you to stay away from the humans that would try to hurt you.

We saw you, baby Mickey, his look-alike twin and the white one. They are still there but no worries, we will stay and continue to feed your pack until we catch them one by one.  I remember one day Jessie and I began to develop a plan to trap you one by one knowing we would have to take our time with you while using every financial resource we had. 

Then one day the hurricane came and you got injured.  Then that lady named Ashley who never gives up used her ninja skills to get you and carried you to her truck. We were so excited! We got one!

Then we found out you were heart-worm positive and you had absolutely no feeling in that back leg. During that whole time, Arch Creek Animal Clinic took care of you and you stayed with them for at least an entire month. Then Dr. Williams said, “He needs to go. He needs to be socialized.” 

We were worried because we had no one we trusted to care for our precious diamond. Then came along your first foster mommy Malease. She opened her home and you had new foster siblings. They loved you just like we did! Then foster mommy Melease had to leave for out of town so you went back to that lady with the ninja skills who was relentless and determined to get you from under that nasty trailer! Then you had to go meet Dr. Holtsinger so she could take away that leg that had become baggage you were carrying around and no longer needed. Then you became a tripod!!! Everybody knows that tripods rock!!! 

Then you gained another foster brother, Merlin. You didn’t know, he was found down the street from you. Some mean idiotic humans used him to fight other dogs and then they dumped him right down the way from you. He was found in some bushes and was hiding. If those two ladies Cheryl and Carmen hadn’t seen him, he was going to die because he was SO tired and full of open sores and in so much pain.  These other ladies in Orlando called Furever Bully Love Rescue took him in and the ninja lady became his mommy. The ninja lady, her boo thang and Mer, loved you just like you belonged to them because for a time you did.

Now comes that time where we all have to let you go to your next chapter.

This is where I cry. Duke, you are the epitome of why we here at Redland Rock Pit Abandoned Dogs Project do what we do. I’m crying happy tears because I can’t believe in only a year you have grown to be a big boy! I never thought we would catch even one of you. I saw your old pack a couple of weeks ago, no matter how many times I tell them to get in the car, they won’t.

Here is our promise to you. We will keep feeding your brothers and we will keep trying to get them until they are living the life you have found. 

We love you so much Duke. Have fun with your new mommy and new brother whom have waited very patiently for you and are so ready to spoil you and love you like no other. Let your new family know they just gained about 20 stalkers who will be sneaking peeks at you all the time! We love you Duke and thank you to everyone that had a part in his very special life!

Our work continues

More Success Stories to Come!

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