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If you are interested in adopting one of our dogs, please review the PDF information below. The adoption coordinator will let you know which sections to print out and send in. Email the completed PDF applications to [email protected]

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We are Always in Need of Foster Homes

Without foster homes ready to take in dogs, we cannot pull them from the street and get them to safety. Many times we just need a safe place for them to stay on a short term basis until we can get them to an approved rescue. Foster homes for pregnant moms or moms with pups are especially needed.

To become a foster parent for a dog in need, please e-mail to [email protected] or fill out the online Foster Application. You’ll need to fill in a Foster Agreement each time an animal is placed with you.

Dogs Available for Adoption

Find the full information about all the dogs available for adoption at Adopt-A-Pet.



Sassy and her 8 pups came into our rescue 5 months ago. Her wonderful pups were adopted by loving and caring families; we are extremely thankful because they chose to adopt a homeless Redland dog ❤️

BUT Sassy is still waiting for a home to shower her with endless love 🥰 this sweet lady is calm, loyal and young. Sassy has a very easy-going temperament 😍 and deserves to finally have a family of her own


🐾 2 years young

🐾 48lbs

🐾 shepherd mix

🐾 fully vetted



Bama and Michelle have been waiting for a furever home for 1,790 days. Their journey to their happily ever after has been heartbreaking and sometimes it feels as it will never happen 😭
They are being overlooked every day, week, month, year 😔 will they ever find their own family?
We love these dogs to pieces; they are truly incredible. Unfortunately we cannot do anything else for them; we can’t make anyone want them. We have been doing everything we can for them, they are vetted, neutered, they have comfy beds, blankets, they are safe and loved. BUT they deserve soooo much more
They enjoy each other’s company but are very independent and loving. They look for each other for comfort and reassurance. We keep telling them that their family is searching for them as well, but why is it taking so long?
He is big and intimidating, BUT in reality, he is a big teddy bear that loves to play and run in the yard, enjoys playing in the water (pool time is his favorite), likes long walks and attention. If you have dogs’ proper introductions are a must
If you have any questions or concerns, please send an email [email protected]


MICHELLE is patiently waiting for her furever family. She is a fantastic pup and is more than ready to go home with you!
Michelle was rescued in 2017 and has been searching for a loving family ever since 🥰 unfortunately her previous family didn’t want her anymore and she was abandoned in Redland, Florida. Her previous owner opened the gate and kicked her out along with her son. We searched for them and found this dynamic duo inside a plant nursery nearby 🙂
Michelle enjoys being brushed, she loves being petted and belly rubs, she can run and play in the yard, but can also be a great listener and confidant. If you have dogs’ proper introductions are a must.
Michelle needs a home 🏠
Help us spread the word by sharing with everyone you know 😉


CANE has been with us for 4 years. This giant love bug is 7 years young, he deserves to live out his golden years in a loving, caring and compassionate furever HOME 🏠
CANE was found newly dumped at the Rock Pit, attempts to find owner turned up empty 🥲
He was lost, injured and confused; certainly, desperate to come with us.
This brindle beauty is awesome with people,but needs to be an only dog.
🐶 needs an experienced adopter
🐶 comes with training sessions
🐶 UTD on shots
🐶 neutered
🐶 loyal companion
🐶 Mastiff mix
🐶 has a high prey drive
Cane can’t wait to meet his family ❤️


We picked up Ethel from the Rock Pit in very poor condition, she was hopeless and alone. Fighting every single day to stay alive, she was in an area unknown to her, and she was begging for help.
Ethel is now safe, healthy and with an incredible foster that loves and spoils her ❤️ she is learning about kindness and compassion.
Fosters make a huge difference in these dogs’ lives; they provide the security these dogs are craving. The stability and love they are looking for, if you have room in your heart and home, please consider fostering an unwanted pup 🐶
✅ fully vetted
✅ 3 years old
✅ very friendly and loving
✅ crate trained
✅ walks very well on leash
After being abandoned and enduring all these unfortunate events in her life, we believe she deserves the absolute best HOME
Do you agree?
Please spread the word; Ethel is searching for an AMAZING family that can cherish her forever 💕


Will and Grace were picked up from the Rock Pit on March 9, 2021. They were confused, scared, hungry, thirsty, underweight, flea infested, and in immediate danger ⚠️
Their rescue story:
Fortunately, we were able to offer help ❤️ and these pups are now thriving and enjoying their new lives!!!
Sweet GRACE is slowly learning about good-hearted humans, she is learning how to play and be a loving dog again. Abandonment is extremely difficult for these dogs; we give them ample time and space to heal because we understand their struggles 😞 and fears.
Now that Grace is safe and loved she is opening up and we love to see her enjoying herself 🥰
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