Redland Rock Pit Abandoned Dogs Project

About Us

What We Do

REDLAND ROCK PIT ABANDONED DOGS PROJECT was founded in 2015 after several animal lovers came together in response to a Facebook post about a dog held captive in a barbaric wire cage at a place referred to as the Rock Pit. This unfortunate incident brought awareness to the plight of these dogs, the area and to a woman who had been feeding and caring for the dogs for over ten years. After meeting with her, we decided to join forces and assist in her efforts to save these abandoned and free-roaming dogs.

Since then, our project has evolved to include many other volunteers who feed these dogs daily and search for reputable rescues to house these dogs. It is our hope that by doing so, we will be able to finally get them safely into rescue and eventually adopted into loving forever homes.

Who We Are

Cheryl Jackson - Co-Founder, President

Cheryl Jackson

Co-Founder, President

Yleana Escobar - Co-Founder, Treasurer

Yleana Escobar

Co-Founder, Treasurer

Leigh Settlemyer - Correspondence Secretary

Leigh Settlemyer

Correspondence Secretary

Our Mission

The focus of the Redland Rock Pit Abandoned Dogs Project, Inc. is trifold:


The ongoing education of the public on the appropriate care of dogs.


To feed and provide initial emergency care for abandoned and free roaming dogs while promoting their safe capture and transfer to reputable non-profit rescue organizations for re-homing.


To bring awareness to the plight of the free roaming dogs in Miami-Dade County Florida.


How Many Dogs

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